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Leonard Betts
 Science File Information:
  • While the two agents investigate the circumstances surrounding Betts' bad habit of dying multiple times, his old EMS partner finds out that he's still alive. When she confronts him, he injects here with a lethal dose of potassium chloride. Potassium chloride (KCl), as Scully notes, is an electrolyte that occurs naturally in the body, and medically is used in regulated doses to treat potassium and electrolyte depletion such as severe dehydration. However, in large doses, KCl can induce hyperkalemia and cardiac arrest. (I even read in the news that KCl is used in lethal injections for the death penalty in some states.)

    For more information on slow-release, low-dosage potassium chloride, as administered in hospitals, check out http://www.rxlist.com/cgi/generic/kclsr.htm.

  • Mulder eventually hypothesizes that Leonard Betts is the next link in the chain of evolution. Citing Harvard geologist Stephen J. Gould's theory of "punctuated equilibrium" or "punctualism," Mulder explains that evolution may not occur gradually, as once assumed, but rather in dramatic spurts caused by extravagant mutations.

    For more information on punctual equilibrium, read a dissection of a Creationist treatise against the theory at http://aix2.uottawa.ca/~s866370/creation.html.

  • Betts, as Mulder supposes, is virtually a living cancer; an organism that can regenerate limbs (and even molt) much like lizards and needs to consume cancerous cells to fuel the regeneration process. Every cell in his body has activated oncogenes, to the point where his cellular structure is metastasizing. In this case, metastasizing means that his cancerous cells have, for all rights, permeated his body. It must have taken one (un)lucky roll of the dice to give old Leonard the genetic makeup that he's got; oncogenes, the genes that make cells cancerous, are often prevented from developing by tumor suppressor and excision repair genes in each cell. Thus, for cancer to occur in just one cell, three different genes must malfunction simultaneously. (Special thanks to my biology major college roommate for all his help on this one!!)

    For more information on how lizards regenerate limbs, look at http://www.basilisk.com/B/biomorphic_regeneratio_252.html.
    To learn more about oncogenes and cancer, check out http://www.hoag.org/BiologyofCancer.html.

  • Cancer kills well over 34 million people each year in the United States alone.
    You may want to make a stop by the American Cancer Society's home page to learn more about cancer and what you can do to help in the fight against the disease.

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Basic Plot:
A man has become a living cancer, feeding off others' tumors, and able to regenerate body parts.

Synopsis URLs:
Synopsis @ Official X-Files Site
Synopsis @ Deep Background

Title means:
"Leonard Betts" is an alias of the suspect in this episode.

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