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Awards & Webrings
 [Go back to index page...] IN THE THREE YEARS that The Science Behind The X-Files has been online, it's been fortunate enough to win some acclaim. The following sites have been kind enough to recommend this page to others.
(There is no hyperlink for some of the awards, as you may notice; GeoCities has scrapped the Cool Homestead of the Day and A-List programs in favor of the new Best of GeoCities--which in turn, may have been scrapped by Yahoo.)

USA Today
USA Today Hot Sites
Week of 7 December 1999

New Scientist Planet Science
New Scientist Magazine's
Planet Science Hot Spots

2 August 1999

Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week
Yahoo!'s Picks of the Week
Week of 24 May 1999

Cape Canaveral Page of the Month
October 1998

Cool Page
GeoCities' Cool Page of the Day
5 May 1998

[Well-Manicured Man Award]
The Well-Manicured Man Award
5 October 1997

[Netsurfer Logo]
Netsurfer Digest Review
Week of 21 June 1997

[Science Site of the Day]
Science Site of the Day
14 May 1997

[GeoCities A-List]
GeoCities A-List Close-Up
Week of 14 May 1997

[Featured in KidWeb]
Featured in KidWeb
25 March 1997

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