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About This Site:
"The Science Behind The X-Files" (a.k.a., "The FILE CABINET" or "scixf") has been running on GeoCities since early January 1997. To my knowledge this was the very first set of web pages to explore the actual science on which the episodes are based. Inspired by an unfavorable review by Mr. Lawrence Krauss (author of The Physics of Star Trek) of a Science of The X-Files book, scixf was created for fans of the show and science enthusiasts alike.

If you like this site, you may also like X-Files Ultra, a similar exploration of this theme, at Area51/Lair/1465.

Jeanne Cavelos' book, The Science of The X-Files is a thoroughly researched, engaging work. I'll post a review of it here when I get a chance.

The Real Science Behind The X-Files: Microbes, Meteorites, and Mutants, by The X-Files' science advisor Dr. Anne Simon is finally out in hardcover. It should be a good read; I'll post a review here if I get an opportunity to read it.
• Legal Disclaimers:
      The X-Files is copyrighted ©1997, trademarked, and all rights reserved by the Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation. This is simply a "fan" page, and thus all the graphics and web design were handmade by me and not taken from the official site.
      Likewise, I've worked pretty hard on this site, so any of you with a penchant for web-kleptomania don't steal this site and post it as your own, please. Thank you.
      If you'd like to use any of the graphics, just ask me.

• Parental Disclaimers:
      The X-Files is a television show with a TV14 rating (last I checked). I'll try to keep this site kid-safe, but some elements of the show do require parental discretion.

• Aesthetic Disclaimers:
      If you don't have it already, I highly suggest you download the free font Trebuchet MS for viewing this site. It's an elegant typeface that's very legible and clear at all sizes. And it's free!
      On the subject of fonts: I recently got a new computer (a G3) and realized that people who access these pages with a Mac might find the font size a little too small. On a 17" monitor, I've found that upping the default font size in Navigator to a 15 pt. font works pretty well (and not just on this site, but on many others). If you have any suggestions, let me know.

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