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Latest Updates
02.15.00 - Good News Comes In Threes...
A belated happy new year to everyone who still reads this.
Two new files are up this time around:
(Special thanks to my brother for the former!)

THREE items of rather important news for this site:

1.) After much thought and consideration, I'm making this site OpenContent.
What does that mean?
Read the OpenContent License (OPL) to get all the details, but essentially, now you are free to distribute the content of this site as you see fit, as long as you give proper credit to whoever wrote the actual files. If you want, you can make mirror sites, translations of this site in other languages, or start making your own science files. It's all for the purposes of education anyways, so as long as you make note that "The X-Files" is a trademark of Twentieth Century Fox, you post a copy of (or a link to) the OPL here, and you give due credit to the author of any files you put on the web, it's all kosher!
Exciting, huh?

2.) To help out with such matters, I've hacked together a javascripted science-file creator at
I ported the code over from Serf into JavaScript and added a few features in the process. It works best with Netscape 4+, and it should work fine with IE4+, but other than that it might be a little iffy. (Don't think it works with Mozilla, yet, but I haven't tried the latest build.)

If you want to look at the JS code to tweak it or port it to PHP (or something that might work better than javascript), please drop me a line and I'll see what I can do. (Eventually, I'll just stick a link here, where you can simply download the requisite files.)

Submit your file at the end of the process, and I'll post it here at huah!net, although (as you may have noticed) I usually go a month or so between updates.

Remember, it's still only in beta. It doesn't have Season 7 titles coded in yet, and there may be other minor inconveniences. It works well enough, though, that both files posted this go-around were created using the sci-file-creator.

3.) The Official X-Files Site, as of the beginning of Season 7, has started posting "research information" for each episode. The first couple "background" files looked surprisingly like the format of the science files here (hmm...?), but I'm glad Fox now realizes the educational potential of their show and has started putting actual science links online. If you get a chance, go check out the site to learn about things like haloperidol, the science of sharks' teeth, and Paget's carcinoma. Nifty.

(Fox doesn't have "research information" yet for seasons 1-6, but with the OPL, they could easily garner plenty of new files from scixf...is anyone at Fox listening?)

Is that enough for one update? I think so.
Have fun...I'll be taking a sabbatical...
11.02.99 - Belated Halloween
It's two days late, but I've finally got a fitting science file up for Halloween. Yep, it's that wacky, twice-told vampire tale, BAD BLOOD. So now everyone who's been waiting for a fifth season episode, bon appetit!
(Also did some maintenance on the links, awards, and help pages.)

You may have noted that on the last update I moved the page to another account on GeoCities. Well, since then, GeoCities got absorbed into the Yahooniverse family of sites, Yahoo changed the terms of agreement, there was a big brouhaha, and for a myriad of reasons, I just hopped on over to a more reliable server (courtesy of the friendly folks at DreamHost). You'll be able to find the pages here at http://huah.net/scixf for the foreseeable future, and I don't intend on moving them soon.

In the last update I also talked about some backside scripting to automate file creation and maintenance. Well, a few afternoons of playing with the absurdly-easy Serf yielded a rather simple file creation engine. If you've got a Mac, go check out Serf.

More to come...
06.27.99 - And Finally Some Content...
Ha ha. Did I say "theme weeks"?

Well, the page is finally updated, although probably not to the amount everyone would like. There are four new files up:
Many thanks to my brother, Nathan, who wrote the files for LGM and TFWID.

Yep, still no season 5 files, but I assure you that's pure coincidence.
The site's currently in flux--I'm working on a better way to update the page (some scripting that would speed up the file-creation process), and you may have noticed that I've temporarily moved the pages to my other GeoCities account (it has 26 free megs of space and no ads).
I'm still re-organizing, so don't change your bookmarks quite yet.
Stay tuned. I'd tell you the files that I'm close to finishing, but that would probably jinx my luck and the site would stagnate for another eight months.
09.29.98 - A Plea For Sympathy
This was Day 2 of "Bug Week."
DARKNESS FALLS isn't done yet.
Research is done, file's not typed. I'm behind in other stuff, too... because I can't fall behind in school. I hope you (whoever might be reading this) can understand.

Thanks for visiting.
Please check back Thursday.

09.28.98 - Bug Week, Day 1
This is Day 1 of "Bug Week."
Go check out THE LIST in Season 3.
Come back tomorrow for DARKNESS FALLS....
(I know, I changed the rules.)
09.20.98 - Prelude to "Bug Week"
Well, only a partial update...
After working the whole redesign two weeks ago, I hope you'll understand that I needed to take a little bit of a design sabbatical; next week, we'll get back into the swing of things with a slightly new format:   "theme weeks."

For example, next week is "Insect Week," which means you'll get new science files on
DARKNESS FALLS (prehistoric bugs),
WAR OF THE COPROPHAGES (cockroaches galore),
THE LIST (forensic entymology), and
ZERO SUM (bees, bees, and more bees).

To top that off, we'll throw in a file on the movie, FIGHT THE FUTURE, as well as a special editorial on the science of the movie by guest correspondent Dan.

Sound like a good week? I think so.
Come back in 7...

09.08.98 - The Redesign
What's the verdict? With the utter burn of the X-Files at the end of Season 5, I figured that it was about time to overhaul the site. (No more file cabinets, no more FILE CABINET, right?)
    Anyway..., besides the layout changes, I added the text-only sections, and went through all the files, revising nearly every one, clearing out dead links and adding new content where I saw fit.
    I'm not making any more promises for the site (since they're always broken...folks, I can't live in cyberspace!), but I'll try to give you one or two new files each week. Now that I've got the site infrastructure down, it shouldn't be a problem.
Old FILE CABINET Status Reports...
  • 02/22/98--Added Unruhe and DPO.
  • 10/13/97--Arg. I just realized that for about 10 minutes there were some egregious errors in the uploaded files. The problem has been fixed.
  • 10/13/97--It's infamous TenThirteen Day, so I added ICE and ERLENMEYER and I make more apologies. (Sorry, the interfile links in ICE are obviously inoperable....) I just want to graduate....
  • 09/20/97--Added the PILOT and made apologies.
  • 04/26/97--Finally updated the site, with three new files and an expanded BETTS file. Still on the docket: UNRUHE, SYNCHRONY, SMALL POTATOES and a slight redesign of the site to include reader feedback and links to cool (factual) sites.
  • 03/10/97--After a long leave of absence, I'm bringing you three new 'uns...with UNREQUITED and KADDISH still on the way.
  • 02/11/97--The first wave of tests are starting at school so I may be a little slow in getting the files up. Coming soon: OUR TOWN, MOMENTO MORI, KADDISH, and hopefully FIREWALKER.
  • 01/28/97--Added "Leonard Betts" file...23 semester hours as a physics major are making this site a little more difficult to update than I had expected! I'll still try to get at least two pages a week put up....
  • 01/18/97--To be implemented later..."Previous File" and "Next File" buttons, Synopsis URLs, more X-Files links.
  • 01/13/97--Brand new! Please tell me what you think...

End of status log.
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