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The Science Behind The X-Files

Welcome to The Science Behind The X-Files! As you can see, this page has undergone some serious restructuring, but it's still committed to bringing you all the cool science facts that can be found in each episode of The X-Files.

Just choose an episode at right to look at its science file. To make things easier, I've added a text-only version of each file, just in case you want to print it out. I've also cleaned out a bunch of dead links from the files and tried to reduce the load time of each page. (Aren't you lucky?)

Please let me know what you think.

Last Updated: 15 February 2000

(You may see references to this site as the FILE CABINET; the change in metaphor came with the end of the fifth season. Besides, no one used that name anyway...)

The X-Files is copyrighted and trademarked (and all rights reserved) by the Twentienth Century Fox Film Corporation. This site is not officially sanctioned nor endorsed by Fox.

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Files Available:
  > Pilot
  > Ghost In The Machine
  > Ice
  > Eve
  > Darkness Falls
  > The Erlenmeyer Flask
  > Little Green Men
  > The Host
  > Die Hand Die Verletzt
  > Our Town
  > D.P.O.
  > The List
  > Wetwired
  > Unruhe
  > The Field Where I Died
  > El Mundo Gira
  > Kaddish
  > Never Again
  > Leonard Betts
  > Memento Mori
  > Unrequited
  > Tempus Fugit/Max
  > Demons
  > Bad Blood
  > Tithonus

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