The Science Behind The X-Files:

Season 1

Pilot - (Episode 1x79)
Science Topics:
scientific method, relativity, mosquitos

Ghost In The Machine - (Episode 1x06)
Science Topics:
artificial intelligence, heuristics, electrocution, voiceprint spectrographic analysis, adaptive networks

Ice - (Episode 1x07)
Science Topics:
icecore paleoclimatology, ice worms, hypothalamus, acetylcholine, buboes, lymphatic system

Eve - (Episode 1x10)
Science Topics:
exsanguination, human heart, aneuploidy, cloning, Human Genome Project, digitalis (foxglove plant)

Darkness Falls - (Episode 1x19)
Science Topics:
national parks, ecoterrorism, ecology, spiders, dendrochronology, Pfiesteria piscicida, fireflies, bioluminescence

The Erlenmeyer Flask - (Episode 1x23)
Science Topics:
Human Genome Project, molecular genetics, nucleic acids, actual case of patient's toxic body fumes

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