The Science Behind The X-Files:

Season 4

Unruhe - (Episode 4x02)
Science Topics:
photography, cameras, polaroid film, transorbital lobotomies, anesthetic, dentistry

The Field Where I Died - (Episode 4x05)
Science Topics:
cult sociology, dissociative identity disorder, voice spectrograms, hypnosis, hypnotherapy, cyanide

El Mundo Gira - (Episode 4x11)
Science Topics:
aspergillus fungi, mycology, enzymes, bolides

Kaddish - (Episode 4x12)
Science Topics:
soil study, mud, fingerprints, arsine gas, linguistics, glossogenetics

Never Again - (Episode 4x13)
Science Topics:
Soviet prison tattoos (anthropology), tattoo guns, ergot alkaloids, tattoo removal, schizophrenia

Leonard Betts - (Episode 4x14)
Science Topics:
cockroach survivalism, microwave incineration of biological waste, reptile decapitation, Kirlian photography, Visible Human Project, hyperkalemia, lethal injections, punctual equilibrium, reptile limb regeneration, oncogenes, cancer

Memento Mori - (Episode 4x15)
Science Topics:
magnetic resonance imaging, brain tumors, chemotherapy, gene therapy, bioeffects of ionizing radiation, transgenic cloning, recombinant DNA

Unrequited - (Episode 4x16)
Science Topics:
scotomas, eye anatomy, camouflage, fractals, ophthalmology

Tempus Fugit/Max - (Episodes 4x17 & 4x18)
Science Topics:
wind rotors, meteorology, plane crash investigations, plutonium, RFETS, cyclic loading, radar, air traffic control, antigravity

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